Chad Clarke

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I turn your data into digital marketing strategies that actually get results. Giving your brand a competitive edge in this digital world.

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Your Next Digital Marketing Analyst

My role is to uncover the "whys" so we can confidently and predictably improve my clients’ future digital marketing performance.


Web Developer by trade, Marketing Analyst by Nature. I rely heavily on data to power insights giving you the leg up on the competition. 



I aim to help businesses leverage their data for better decision making and improved digital marketing outcomes.



I define success by helping you set up, analyze and execute a results driven digital marketing strategies, on time.

Connecting All The Dots.. Across Digital

I work with businesses of all sizes across multiple industry verticals to define KPIs, design tracking strategies, and provide analysis to answer any questions that will drive their businesses online growth.



Delivering comprehensive views of marketing performance across all channels

Marketing Analytics

Plan and develop integrated, interactive, and digital strategies

Data Management

Making Your Data Simple and Accessible

Digital Strategy

Meridian sun strikes the upperer surface.

Competitive Intelligence

Lets track your competitors, and turn threats into opportunities.

Platform Integrations

Adopt an agile and modernized integration strategy.

Data Analysis & Insight

Turning data into strategic actionable marketing insights.

SEO Insight & Strategy

Analyzing massive volumes of data to discover insights.

Digital Transformation

Bespoke WordPress content startegy & design

Website Performance

Turning raw data into insights that can be easily seen. 

Certified Google Analytics Partner

I'm a storyteller, detective, and activists, tasked with surfacing the relevant and vital stories told by the numbers, creating actionable insights that giving you competitive edge.

Understand Your users

Understand which users are converting and which aren't? See which platforms to develop & optimize for.

Get High-value traffic

Which traffic sources bring in the most value? How can you customize your channels for increased actionability.

Improve site engagement

What KPIs should you use be using for your sites content? Which pages are actually helping conversions.

Improve product performance

How can you drive more product purchases? Which products are performing the best and worst on your site.

My Toolbox

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