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When you hire Clean My Gutters for rain gutter cleaning in GTA, Simcoe County or Muskoka areas, we will complete all tasks with your specific needs in mind. Our professionals use professional products and tools to ensure that your gutters and downspouts remain clean and functional for a long time. They have extensive experience with various types of gutter systems and understand how to properly maintain them to extend their life.

When your rain gutters are free of debris, leaves, and dirt, you reduce the chances of needing emergency repairs or replacement. Your roof, attic, and foundation will remain safe and stable throughout the year with thorough gutter maintenance and repair. Finally, a well-maintained gutter system protects the value of your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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When it comes to cleaning your gutters, you’ll need to know the proper techniques and tools. Because the debris that collects in your gutters varies, you’d need to combine the technology correctly. Typically, this will include:

Power washing
Using a mechanical brush to scrub
removing moss and black marks by hand
Vacuuming (truck-mounted vacuums may be required at times)
Gathering debris and disposing of it in the trash
You’d need extension poles, heavy industrial equipment, and a keen eye for detail, so leave it to professional gutter cleaners in your area.

When you put off gutter cleaning and ignore problems like clogged gutters, you endanger your home. If you do not address it on time and properly, you will face the following problems:

The roof is deteriorating. Gutter clogs can become quite heavy, causing the structure to deform over time.
Leakage. Overflow can occur as a result of clogged downspouts, and if it occurs frequently, it can cause long-term damage. This is why regular gutter maintenance is critical in order to avoid emergency repairs.
Mould development. Mould can grow in your gutters due to decomposed leaves and other organic matter, which can spread to the walls and the rest of your home.
Insects and pests are drawn to clogged gutters. This is the case.Excess water can pool up on your driveway and cause damage to your foundation and backyard, which would cause costly repairs and landscaping work.

This is determined by the climate and weather. Gutter cleaning and maintenance are typically performed twice a year in colder climates, in the spring and late autumn. In San Diego, this will be at the start and end of the dry season, so be prepared for heavy rain. Gutter repairs are typically performed when they are required.

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